Unlock the promise of patient data

We leverage billions of data points provided by our patients to produce clean, regulatory-grade data and help you increase the velocity of discovery and development. 


Get new therapies to patients faster

Our team of in-house data scientists proactively generates reports to help you use data most efficiently to expedite the discovery of new therapies.


Accelerate development

We enable scientists to make more efficient, informed decisions by providing datasets that are clean, curated and well-documented.


Connect with trial patients

Give your clinical trials the greatest chance of success by connecting with motivated patients that meet your qualification criteria.


Optimize for approval

When possible, we’ll work with you to facilitate conversations with the FDA and determine data standards to expedite the approval process.


Do we have the data you need?

We work closely with our life sciences partners to identify the most pressing needs and customize our data solutions accordingly. We leverage electronic health records, patient reported outcomes, surveys and 40x whole genome sequencing to produce regulatory-grade data. Using Unite’s tools, researchers can also run statistical analyses across large, population datasets to develop models without breaking data export restrictions.

We build clean, customized data solutions


Work with precise, curated data

Each Unite dataset is developed in close partnership with life sciences organizations to address critical questions and unblock research and development.


Use our browser-based analytics tools

Our analytics tools are designed to be intuitive and easy to use so that users can find the answers they need, regardless of their data science experience.  


Or download de-identified data

We want to remove every barrier to discovery. If you prefer to analyze data in your own environment, you can download it instead.


Join us

Together we can push research forward and get more effective therapies in the hands of more patients, faster.