Our patients make progress possible

By assembling your health information, you create an important resource for you and your health team. By sharing it, you help researchers discover new therapies and cures faster.


Share your unique health story

Every patient’s data tells a different story. By assembling and sharing your health data, you’ll join a movement to fight rare diseases and advance science for everyone.  


Get matched with clinical trials

Life sciences companies inform us of clinical trials in need of participants. We’ll let you know through your Patient Portal if your profile matches new opportunities.  


Receive your sequenced genome

If your DNA is sequenced and used in a dataset, we’ll provide you with a free copy of your sequenced whole genome for free through the Patient Portal.


Getting started is easy and free 


Create an account

Log in to your Patient Portal and take a look around. This will be your home base for all your health information and Unite communications.   


Fill out your profile

Automatically import your medical records by granting Unite permission in your health providers’ “MyHealth” portals. Then complete a few brief survey questions.


Get a free DNA kit

Once you’ve filled out your profile, we’ll send you a free saliva sample kit to collect your DNA. If and when your DNA is sequenced, we’ll add it to your Patient Portal.

FAQ: What is whole genome sequencing?


Keep your profile updated

Add new health information to your profile to keep it accurate over time. That way, it’s as helpful as possible for your doctors and potential research projects.


Your privacy is our priority

With Unite, your data is always yours. Period. We take your privacy seriously, which is why we’ve developed layers of process, policy and technology that work together to safeguard your identity and protect your data. We remove any information that identifies you directly before your data is ever shared with researchers. We comply with the most stringent industry standards for data security. And we give you the option to stop sharing your data at any time.

 How your data can ignite change

Everyone’s health story is unique. By pairing your DNA data with your electronic medical records, you’ll create a powerful portrait of your health that can help unblock research and move drugs in development forward faster.


Health records

Typical electronic health record (EHR) data is difficult for researchers to work with. We use technology to clean and structure your health records—physician’s notes, prescriptions, etc—so that it can be usable and actionable in research datasets.


Genomic sequence

New information is the lifeblood of research. We sequence your whole genome and pair it with your processed health data; this helps researchers discover how differences in our genes can manifest and how they can be targeted with new therapies.


Clinical trials

Too many drugs fail during development—not because they aren’t effective—but because companies can’t find qualified participants for their clinical research. We proactively match our patients with trials so that more drugs can reach completion.

Working together with community leaders

We’re working alongside our patient advocacy partners to help our patients, their families and their communities affect change for the causes they care about.


Become a part of something bigger

Take an active role in advancing rare disease research and accelerating progress toward life-saving treatments.