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How can we help the most patients in the shortest time?

For co-founders Taner Dagdelen and Anthony Joseph, it all started with this question that they first asked on campus at UC Berkeley. 1 in 10 people today have a rare disease. Which means 1 in 10 people have been told that little is known about their disease. Or that their best chance is a promising drug that’s still in development. For every one of these patients, progress can’t come soon enough. Taner and Anthony saw the potential for a massive acceleration of progress, if only they could help each patient unlock the power of their data.

Taner (left) and Anthony (right) at UC Berkeley next to their compute cluster

Taner (left) and Anthony (right) at UC Berkeley next to their compute cluster


We’re on a mission to overcome disease

Unite empowers patients to play an active role in research by assembling and sharing their health data with researchers. Our team of data scientists takes this raw data and transforms it into clean, curated datasets that help researchers bring life-saving drugs to patients faster.




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